The video surveillance of critical areas is an efficient way to increase the level of protection and security within an industrial area or production. Aeon Technologies offers the right video surveillance solution for your organization, whether it’s a power generation plant, an electric substation or a waste treatment facility.

To ensure that our video surveillance solutions are available, scalable and meet expectations, we offer consulting, design, integration, configuration and support services to our customers. Aeon Technologies is an integrating partner of the leading companies in the video surveillance market, and is able to develop customized solutions for your company.

Solutions in Video Surveillance of Critical Areas

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Differences in the Aeon Technologies Video Surveillance

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Get details of unparalleled image with video monitoring solutions in high definition. Our expertise, gained through various projects, combined with our partnership with the best suppliers in the market, allows us to find the most suitable products for your business needs.

Intelligent Solutions, Intuitive and Easy to Use

We deliver solutions that offer full control over the reproduction of videos surveillance and monitoring, allowing you to quickly recover evidence and speed up the response time on investigations. In addition, intelligent alarm systems allow teams to be automatically alerted in risky situations.

Solutions that Grow with Your Company

We design solutions that allow you to add cameras with little increase in bandwidth, server resources or hardware. We climb with you so you can invest in what matters most: the growth of your business.

Maximum clarity with Minimum Bandwidth

Solutions implemented with high definition streaming where the image integrity is kept almost entirely with minimal loss of compression. In addition to that, bandwidth management is performed intelligently, obtaining solutions that can add image quality with low use of Internet bandwidth.

Images with the Best HD Cameras

We offer a large portfolio of high definition cameras with the industry’s best image quality. We work with partners that offer IP equipment of last generation. The choice of quality equipment represents savings in quantity. An IP camera high resolution can cover the same area as dozens of traditional analog cameras.

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